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"Episode 5: A Workbench in a Deadly Canyon!"

*Minnie, Hubbie, and Mizuki Left Quartz Quadrant, They now enter the long road; Soon They'll enter Wacky Workbench, and Maybe Stardust Speedway!*

Mizuki: *humming* ^w^

Minnie: *hums Cosmic Eternity to herself.* ^^

Hubbie: Vroom-vroom-vroom, look at yourself! :meow:

Minnie: :giggle:

Mizuki: :giggle: Teehee!!

*later on, They goes to a large canyon area*

Mizuki: :worry: *ducks*

Minnie: Don't worry, Mizuki. I've come prepared this time. ;) *Minnie hits a few buttons on Hubbie's control panel, then suddenly a metal roof rose over them.* I built this shielded roof as a precaution in case we dealt with any more caves. Among a few other things. :)

Mizuki: Yay! :D Thank You!

*until they sees a large factory in the middle of it*

Mizuki: What's that?? :?

Minnie: Another hidden facility? You don't suppose it's another mining company do you? :sherlock:

Mizuki: I Guess so. :shrug:

*both of them got out of hubbie, and walk there instead, letting hubbie sees the sunset*

Mizuki: We'll be back Hubbie-San! :D

Hubbie: Vroom vroom! :wave:

*they eventually make it to the factory and take peak inside of it.*

*thought the window*

Mizuki: Looks Creepy, but wer--- *steps on a piece of a canyon, having no idea that one of the Fox-HIs set a trap there; with Mizuki step on the spot, causing the rock break making Mizuki fall down deep in a hole*:ohnoes:  Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa---!!

Minnie: MIZUKI!! :fear: *goes down after her.*

Hubbie: ?!?! :fear: *drives over to the hole as fast as possible.*

*Minnie & Hubbie can't find her anywhere*

Minnie: Oh-no! Oh-no! Why did I let her come to this area! This is all my fault. :sniff: Hubbie we gotta go after her! *hops inside Hubbie, who turns into his hover mode and zooms down the hole as fast as possible.* Don't worry, Mizuki. I won't let anything else happen to you... :sniff: C'mon, Hubbie. we have to keep looking. *they glide over the water looking for any sign of Mizuki.*

*Minnie sees Mizuki's cloth in the water stream, making her more worried*

Minnie: Oh-no... :sniff: *picks up the cloth*

Hubbie: Mizuki... :worry:

Minnie: Mizuki! Where are you?! TTOTT

*her phones ringing, and then minnie picks it up*

Mihoko: Minnie-Chan? Is My Mizuki is in Safe hands? :aww:

Minnie: *swallows a bit.* Why, yes. She's doing fine. She's just taking a little nap at the moment. ^^;

Mihoko: Awwww, That's so Sweet... I gotta go now, Don't let her get hurt. ^^ *hangs up*

Minnie: *hangs up.* Forgive me, Miss Ichiro... :sniff:

*They continue down the stream to find Mizuki.*

*until they hear laughter coming from the factory*

Minnie: Huh? *wipes her tears.* Hubbie, follow that laughter!

Hubbie: Vroooom! *zooms in the direction of the laughter at top speed.*

*As hubbie Enters... They're in a weapons warehouse level located in a canyon that is ruled by electricity. Inside of it, there are many abstract mechanisms present such as hovering platforms, grounded police-esque sirens, a checkered floor that allows Anyone to bounce to higher areas, and atom-like structures that are constantly generating a wire of electric energy. Air vents have the adverse effect of freezing anyone if comes into contact with them. Known as Wacky Workbench.*

*Minnie now sees Mizuki going up & down by the electric floors*
Mizuki: Weeeeeeeeee!!! :D

Minnie: M-mizuki? :wow:

Hubbie: Mizuki! Mizuki! Vrooom! :happybounce:

Mizuki: *looks over at her right, and sees minnie* Minnie-San!!! :wave:

Minnie: Mizuki... :sniff: You're okay!! :cries:

Mizuki: O//.//o; *Surprised by the hug* Meep!

Minnie: I thought something terrible had happened to you! I'm so glad you're safe! :sniff: :)

Hubbie: Mizuki safe! Mizuki Safe! Vrooom! :D

Mizuki: Hehe! Great, I'm glad you found me!! By the way, This place is Wacky! :XD:

Minnie: I suppose it is. :O_o:

Mizuki: Hey, You found my cloth! :D *puts it on*

Minnie: Yeah, I found it in the stream back there... :aww:

Mizuki: :aww: Thank You.. How you found me anyway? :?

Minnie: Me and Hubbie came down the hole you fell in. Then we followed the stream to get here.

Mizuki: I Fell, and I blacked out... :O

Minnie: Oh, poor thing. :worry: Well at least you had your helmet. And you don't really look injured.^^

Mizuki: No? but my Leg do hurt... *lift her right leg up, showing a nasty bruise*

Minnie: :worry: *looks at Mizuki's leg.* Don't worry, Dr. Venus' medical kit should have something... *gets the medical bag and pulls out pain-releaving ointment and some bandages.* Here these should help. :) *applies the cream to Mizuki's bruise and wraps it in a bandage. She then kisses the bandage.* Better? ^^

Mizuki: Thank You. :hug: :D Minnie-San Look at this Trick! *jumps down off the edge* Wheeeee!! :D

Hubbie: *flies underneath and catches Mizuki.*

Minnie: With all do respect, Mizuki. Let's keep the death-defying acts to a minimum. I don't think my heart can take it. ^^;

Mizuki: But Minnie-San... :( i'm okay.. i'm okay.. See? i'm perfectly fine, See?? :worry:

Minnie: I don't want to see you get hurt, again Mizuki. You're one of my closest friends, I don't know what I'd do if something happened... :sniff:

Mizuki: ...... :sniff: i'm sorry, Minnie-San... *hugs her*

Minnie: It's okay, Mizuki. :hug: *gently rubs her head.* Now, c'mon let's get back to the surface. :aww:

*Hubbie retraces the path back to the surface.*

Mizuki: But First, Let's check out this Place. Please? :D I swear I'll stay in Hubbie.. :please:

Minnie: Well, okay. :) Hubbie, let's go!

Hubbie: Go! Go! Go! *Hubbie hovers further into the factory.*

Mizuki: *sees Wacky Workbench's Time post* *touch it*


Mizuki: Let's go! :D

Minnie: Hubbie, full speed ahead! :D

Hubbie: Aye-Aye! Aye-Aie! Vrooom! :D

*They teleport*

*Now Wacky Workbench in the Past, is still under construction, with its various girders and platforms taking on a bright green color. The red-colored canyons are able to be seen with construction cranes looming below them. The past is just as wacky as it is in the present timeline, featuring machines that may or may not have been conserved for future use; for instance, the checkered floor remains a prominent part of this level, and the other various devices that are found in the present are still here.*

Mizuki: Everything is Red and Green...

Minnie: Yeah, quite the odd color scheme... O_o

*Until the moving platforms are getting in their way*

Hubbie: One side! One side! *honks his horn.*

Minnie: *looks around the factory.* Wait a minute... :sherlock:

Mizuki: What? :?

Minnie: The Fox-Hi's said there was a fat guy who was ruining their planet... They were freaked out by Hubbie and me because of my lab coat... And we happen to be in a factory... Dosen't that seem a little suspicious? :O_o:

Mizuki: I Guess your Right... :hmm: *mizuki sees something shiny and pretty in a small room below them* Minnie-San, Look.. I see a Statue!

Minnie: Oh? :? *Hubbie hovers down towards the statue for a closer look.*

*its a green statue has a woman on it, giving out rings*

Mizuki: Its So Pretty... :love: *grabs the rings* And these things to! :D

Minnie: That's pretty bizarre... But she is pretty. :aww:

Mizuki: But you think who is it? :?

Minnie: I'm not sure... :sherlock:

Mizuki: :idea: ...Take a picture! :D We'll show our friends..!

Minnie: Good idea. I'm sure someone will recognize this statue. :nod:

Mizuki: Let's pose first. ;)

Minnie: Um, sure. Why don't you go first? :aww:

Mizuki: Okay! :D *pose, by sticking her butt out* ;P

Minnie: Oh, Mizuki. :XD: *takes photo.*

Mizuki: :giggle: *wiggle her butt*

Minnie: My turn. :aww: *strikes a "V for victory" pose.*

Mizuki: *takes picture* ^//^ Lookin Good!

Minnie: Thanks. :D Group photo? :aww:

Mizuki: Yay! :clap: C'mon Hubbie-San! :D

Hubbie: Vrooom! :D

*Hubbie drives up behind them, while Minnie preps the camera.*

Minnie: Smile everyone! :D

Mizuki: :D *smiles* Cheeeeese!!


Mizuki: *looks at the picture* Wow! :D Let's show this to our friends after our Adventure... After that, Now I want to see what "Stardust Speedway" Is like now! :D

Minnie: Certainly. :D

*they hop inside Hubbie and set-off for Stardust Speedway.*

Mizuki: But First... *touches the future post*

*They Teleport in the present, and now leaving Wacky Workbench*

Next Episode: They'll Enter The Amazing Stardust Speedway! :D
Me & :iconflashshadow: Was Doing a Little Planet Story! :D

Enjoy. ^^

Mizuki Ichiro, and Mihoko Ichiro. (C) Me.

Minnie Pine, and Hubbie. (C) :iconflashshadow:

Little Planet. (C) Sega.
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ChinchillaShogunXam Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
It's nice to see the conflict got quickly resolved. I'm happy they didn't spend too much time in this factory. More lovely places to explore afterall. :XD: Can't wait to see how it all ends. ^^
Ms-ShadowCrimson Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Mizuki ^^ <3
Rokku-D Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2012  Student Digital Artist
What about her? :meow:
Ms-ShadowCrimson Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i love her :3
Rokku-D Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Awwwww... :aww:
Flashshadow Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Well that was a fun and suspenseful trip. :)
Rokku-D Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Yeah, its Great that Minnie, Hubbie & Mizuki having Fun with the Statue. :D
Flashshadow Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Indeed. :D

Maybe one of us should make the actual photo. :XD:
Rokku-D Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Yeah. :D
Gamerbro014 Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Great chapter!
Rokku-D Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Thanks. :D
Gamerbro014 Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
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