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"Episode 6: Stardust, Lights, and Fun!"

After from Their Adventure in Wacky Workbench, They Now going to approach Stardust Speedway Finally!


*At Night Time..*

Mizuki: Brrr... its getting Cold... :worry:

Minnie: Here you go. ^^ *gives Mizuki her spare labcoat to warm her up.*

Mizuki: *feeling cozy* Thank You... ^//w//^

Minnie: *rubs Mizuki's head.* No problem. :aww:

Mizuki: *goes to sleep* -//w//-

*Minnie smiles seeing Mizuki fall fast asleep.*

Minnie: Good night, Mizuki. :aww: *kisses the top of Mizuki's head.*

Mizuki: -//w//- Zzzzzz... *lays on her side* :sleep:

Minnie: *gets a blanket and lays down in the seat next to her.*

Mizuki: -//w//- Zzzzzzz...

Minnie: ZzzZzzZzz....

Hubbie: *Auto Drive* ^_^

*30 minutes passed, and it showed them on Stardust Speedway*

*The psychedelic city set at night is largely a mass of shining lights across its vast background, with more isolated stars spread across the top, while the city below is represented by a dotted blue mass, with white and pink lights flashing away across it. At the very bottom, you'll find some nearby purple and pink structures featuring pipes, solid squares, mesh, tanks.. typical stuff that's not particularly interesting to look at. The foreground is more intriguing, and the winding pathways are largely gold in colour, made up of all sorts of panels, and technical grey innards, flashing circles and tubing. At various points, what appears to be horns of brass musical instruments pop out of the winding roads, connected to thinner bits that coil around, and Anyone will sometimes fall through duller portions of these paths. Various thin straight pipes form a network around the place, often creating immediate background patterns with solid grey square objects, and as there are so many intersecting pathways throughout the whole level, these structures help define whether you're on the foreground or background path, as they stand between them. Long red and white bars run along stretches of the paths, and nifty green laser lights, from an untraceable source below the level map, point back and forth across particular areas. Zone 2 in the Present features a one-off giant dark bronze statue or building of Sonic's appearance being constructed, occupying a large portion of the area towards the end of the zone. This structure changes depending on the time zone.*

Mizuki: *waking up* Nnnugh... Huh?

Minnie: :yawn:

Mizuki: *sees it* :wow: ..Minnie-San!! Minnie-San! Look! :D :happybounce:

Minnie: *rubs her eyes* Wha-what is... :wow:

Mizuki: Look at this Road! :D *jumps on the road, and then see a Sonic Statue at the distances* :wow: SONIC!! :D

Minnie: My, oh my. :wow: This road is very well structured. :nod: I wonder who made all of this. :sherlock:

Mizuki: Maybe those guys down there! :D

*sees Fox-HIs, Pig-boys & girls that look like Vikki, Bunnies like Aysha, and Cats, and etc of Animal base people*

Mizuki: Wow, this place is Bright... >//.//o;

Minnie: Here, maybe these will help. :)

* Minnie gives Mizuki a pair of goggles to help protect her eyes. She then puts on a pair, herself.*

Mizuki: Thanks. :aww: ... *take a good look at the road* ...:hmm: :plotting: ... Minnie-Chan!! I Bet you can't catch me! *spank her butt at her* ;P

Minnie: Well there's no exposed bums around... Okay, you're on! *starts to chase Mizuki.*

Mizuki: *runs though the road* Wheeeeee~! :D

*from the city*

a Cat-Boy: Is that someone going on the road?! :wow:

Pig-Girl: That couldn't be the Blue Blur, right? :?

an Hedgehog-girl: Is that a girl in a lab coat?! :?

Karin's Dad: Say what?? :?

Minnie: Whoooooa! :fear:  *goes through the loop.*

Mizuki: *on a speed boost* Whooo-Wheeeeeeeee!! :D *passed the past post*


*and then Mizuki teleported*

Minnie: Mizuki--!! :fear:

* Minnie accidentally hits the speed boost and zooms past the time poll behind her.*

Hubbie: Oh no! Oh no! :fear: *drives after them.*

Mizuki: Uh-huh... Mi-Minnie-S-san? :worry: ..... *looks around and looks scared* ... Don't leave me Alone... :fear: :sniff:

*until Minnie fell on mizuki*

Mizuki: Owww!! >//O//<;

Minnie: Ouch... >_< *Sees Mizuki under her.* Mizuki! You're okay. :hug:

Mizuki: A-Almost... :dizzy:

Minnie: Oh, sorry. ^^; *rubs Mizuki's head.*

*Hubbie flies overhead and lands in front of them.*

Hubbie: Minnie! Mizuki! Vrooom! :D

Minnie: Hubbie, you made it! :hug:

Mizuki: :aww:

*In the past, the land is old and ancient, resembling a Roman city, with vines adorning the highway as there is little to no technology to speak of. It also has a gothic-styled building in the zone's center.*

Mizuki: What the... :?

Minnie: This planet is full of bizarre history... How are all these places and time periods connected? Why are these animal people so freaked out by my lab coat... :sherlock:

Mizuki: Minnie-San... Help... O_O;

*sees mizuki tied up by a vine on the road*

Minnie: ^^; *uses a laser pen to cut Mizuki free from the vines.*

Mizuki: *fell to the ground* Oof. >//.//o; ...its a R-rom-whatchamacallit.... To a Big City? :?

Minnie: Eh? What are you talking about? :O_o:

Mizuki: a What-cha-ma-call-it? :?

Minnie: Yes, that. :nod:

Mizuki: :hmm: ... *look at the stars* Sooo Pretty... ^//w//^

Minnie: Right. :)

*they hop back inside Hubbie and continue through the city.*

Mizuki: Jee its so quiet in here... :?

Minnie: Yeah... :sherlock: *hits a button causing Hubbie to raise his roof over them.*

Mizuki: *looks around* :worry: What if there's a trap waiting for us?

Minnie: Good point. :nod: Hubbie, switch to hover mode and keep your eyes peeled.

Hubbie: Right. Right. :nod: *Hubbie switches to hover mode and gently glides forward keeping close watch of their surroundings, along with Minnie.*

Mizuki: <.< ...... >.> .... *holds close to minnie* :worry:

Minnie: *puts an arm around Mizuki, to comfort her, while still keeping a look out.* There, there, Mizuki. If anyone tries to attack you, they'll have to get through me and Hubbie, first. :aww:

Mizuki: ^//w//^ Thank You...!

*until hubbie touches the future post*

Hubbie: O_O;;

Minnie: It's no problem, Mizuki. :aww:  Eh? :O_o: *realizes Hubbie hit the future post.*

Mizuki: Let's book it. I wonder what's in the future... :hmm:

Minnie: Only one way to find out. :) *Hubbie zooms forward to see what's upahead.*

Mizuki: Great Scott... :O_o:

*they teleport into the present*

Minnie: I know, it's heavy. O_O

Mizuki: What Now? :?

*they see the future post*

Mizuki: Wanna see the Future, Minnie-San? :)

Minnie: Sure. :nod: Let's go, Hubbie! :D

Hubbie: Go-go! Go-go! :eager: *drives forward touching the future post at the future.*

Mizuki: Here we go!

*Touches the Future Post*

To Be Continued...
Me & :iconflashshadow: Was Doing a Little Planet Story! :D

Enjoy. ^^

Mizuki Ichiro (C) Me.

Minnie Pine, and Hubbie. (C) :iconflashshadow:

Little Planet. (C) Sega.
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ChinchillaShogunXam Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Well that was a pretty short chapter, heh. Question, what drove you to put this animal people on Little Planet? Why are the pigs anthros where as everyone else has only ears and tails? And why do you end their species with HI? Just some things I've been curious about.
Rokku-D Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2012  Student Digital Artist
:shrug: I Just thought of it.
ChinchillaShogunXam Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Is that the only response I'm gonna get to my many questions? TwT

Jazzy: *Rolls eyes and pats his shoulder* There there creator. Sometimes that's all there is to it.
Rokku-D Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I Don't know what else to say... -_-
ChinchillaShogunXam Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Sorry, sometimes ideas just pop out, I blame the characters you created being the base of their own races. ^^
Rokku-D Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Can you blame me? Little Planet need some unique people on it...
ChinchillaShogunXam Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I hear ya. :XD:
Rokku-D Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2012  Student Digital Artist
AzureTornadoKick93 Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2012  Student Artist
Good job again
Rokku-D Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Thanks. :D
AzureTornadoKick93 Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2012  Student Artist
no prob
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